Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Oh, pretty woman-Gary Moore

Oh, pretty woman
Sure's the rising sun
Says all your cheap paint and powder
Ain't gonna help you none
'Cause she's a pretty woman
Right down to her bone
So you might as well
Leave your skin alone

Pretty woman
What's the matter with you?
Can't make you love me
No matter what I do
Oh, pretty woman
What you gonna do?
You kept on foolin' around
Till I got stuck on you
So you can drop your mess
And come down off your throne
Stop using my poor heart
As just a stepping stone

Oh, pretty woman
That's all right for you
Now you just go on doing
What you wanna do
But someday when you think
That you've got it made
You're gettin' water deep enough
So you can't wade

Oh, pretty woman
Oh, pretty woman
Oh, pretty woman
Oh, pretty woman
Can't make you love me
No matter what I do
Can't make you love me
No matter what I do
Can't make you love me
No matter what I do
Oh, pretty woman

Monday, December 17, 2012

Today is Monday..

Like any other day..same old shit just different day of the week..*sigh*

Today started off like any other day. Its just if feeling slightly sick from the vigorous weekend. My week end was awesome but its the weather was crayyyyyyyyzzzaaaayyyy~ so today i feel like shit..

Nothing much to say as the day progresses and I've been missing alot from life..i feel i missed alot..

Example..my friends on whatsapp are all getting married and have adventures of their own. How about me? Why on earth am I bitching about my life here on my blogs?? Why am I stuck here in this God forsaken collage with minimum wedge and still act as if I am happy? So many questions to answer on so little time..

Its time to make a change..the change of my life..IT IS TIME..but the question still remains..what will I do? What can I do?

P.S: Make myself happy would be the best first step...

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

So yeah...

Another day..same old shit different day.What should discuss today?? I wonder..

Recently i have decided to write again. But what to write is always the biggest problem. So one of my students gave me a movie to watch. A Japanese movie..like seriously? The last Japanese movie (or drama) that i watched was one liter of tears..that time was when i was still studying in Melaka. Perhaps I can give it a try. She said it was good..

" Citer nie kalu sir x nanges la kan..tak tau laa"

Challenge accepted.

Anywho..like I said..same old shit but different day. How  should I begin?? Owh..I know.. today started like any other day. With gossip about my Head of Department, breakfast with the guys..and smoking session next. nothing new. Perhaps I can start a novel titled "The life and times of a normal working guy" hahahahaha..That would be interesting..I think..

So i was supposed to be starting a PPT presentation on writing. Like hell Im gonna finish it. I had the idea last nite. But hell no..The ideas came and I was too lazy to see it trough. Like any other plans..I never finish whatever I started. (accept in bed kot..) So yeah..

How about i start a vlog?? Would that work? Lets try..

Nope..still too lazy to start..hahahahahah..werent u listening??

P.S I have been too tired to do anything this past few months..maybe from the laziness?? Too lazy to answer it..


Tuesday, December 11, 2012


The day that only comes once in a lifetime (it might happen again in the future..good luck waiting for it). So whats the plan for the day?

This is not a religious question. It cant be. I have been looking through the social websites and some had been posting that it is wrong to celebrate the day. In my opinion, its fine to be a Muslim but being judgemental, onesided, selfish and follow religion as something to banish others or to look down on others is not ok. It is just a day in our life and I think it is ok to do something to remember so then we can always remember the things/ people that are important to us.

Why does everything has to do with religion? I mean, yeah..our religion is the center of our life but using religion to condemn others is wrong. Religion is the ecstasy of life..but following religion without knowledge I think is just stupidity at its best. I may not be the best person to comment religion. But being a Muslim myself  had taught me to open my eyes  to the world how the world had treat my religion. Islam is a religion of peace but it is the people and culture that makes its difficult.

Enough about religion.

I remembered watching a shitty movie with the same title. It was a B-rated movie. I only watched it for the boobs..(hehehehehe).Not to be mistaken with another better rating movie that will be premiered on 12.12.12

As the movie goes on, a devil was supposed to be born. The devil was predicted to be born with a child on the 12th day of the 12th month on the 12th year. It was stupid to think because the date does not have any significance on demonology(study of demons..yes the study exists) and the devil (the baby it was born with ) was ugly as shit~ like seriously..it looked as if the producers just choose any doll from Walmart (or Mydin for local understanding) and just burn it in fire until it look like shit. The movie was bad as shit. The only best thing I can say about the movie is that they manage to get nice boobs for the scenes. NICE BOOBS. Thats it. Check it out here: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2313780/

My thoughts for the day is that, I would really love the day to move on nicely. Without any problems. I also want to do something that is memorable. Something that would be decided later on the day. =)

Saturday, December 8, 2012

What if..(part 2)

What if you were dating two people at the same time. How would you choose the best person for you?

The situation is simple. Both people have the same qualities (i.e money, influence, good looks, etc) but different in personalities (i.e hotness level from scale 1-10).

Who would you choose?

Adapted from the movie 'This Means War' (2012) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1596350/

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What if..

This post is an experiment to enhance critical thinking skill among students. The objective is to let the students imagine based on the the topic given and provide response either verbally or in writing. Please give your comment at the comment section below the post and then further discussion will commence. 

What is your life is a movie?

You would be the main character and you choose the genre of your movie either romance + comedy, bad romance, horror, action adventure...

For example; you met somebody out of the blue while you were at a cafe. That somebody can be a hot steamy girl with luscious lips and inviting eyes or a hunk of a guy with mysteries, gentleman and handsome (sorry due to my nature i dont know how to describe a good lookin guy..huhuhuh)

As the story progress, you fell into that person's trap. The trap is dangerous. (trap of love/ money/danger.) And towards the end of the story..you are happy with the your choice..

So..what is your choice? How would you write your movie? Please comment...